The Sinking Feeling Regarding the American Trump Administration Felt by the World

September 8th, 2017

What kind of administration is it when the obvious is overridden by cover-up and fear while the President of the United States has power to end the world as we know it? Discontent is growing when even the FBI is subjected to his whim, as shown with the sacking this week of its Chief. While many looked up to the USA as a leader of peace and security that is no longer the case. The sinking feeling after a robbery of something precious has replaced it.

Country after country is stunned by withdrawal of funds, immigration bans, hatred of Muslims and other groups, the threat of nuclear war, and the other things this president is doing. Like the dictators and despots with which he engages he has no time for climate change and is more interested in money than people’s welfare.

Insults come easy to such a person while his egotism is sickening. His call to seek an audience with such as the President of North Korea and his obvious connection to Russia are as troubling as the family business he now runs from the White House.

The world is in a state of confusion and great trouble. Climate change and threats of war are only some of the worries facing it. These are insurmountable obstacles that such a person plays on.

While Trump sacks those who oppose him or questions his actions he moves ever closer to being a complete despot, whereby no one can touch him or bring him to justice. He replaces those who work for the country and the world with his lackeys and this is the beginning of a despot’s reign.

There is no doubt that we are at the end of the time given to us according to Old Testament prophecies. In them we are warned that the dead will stretch from one end of the earth to the other (Jeremiah 25:33). For that reason, only someone like Trump is suitable to do the job.

The protests against him fall to nothing because it is the Spirit of the Universe that controls all things. As we feel the impending loss of the greatness of the creation we have enjoyed it is time to make peace with the real God and to come away from the religions and power of man’s making.

My reincarnation and passage from life to life prompted a life-time of research and observations. In an effort to understand why people do the things they do and believe in the rubbish taught by religious institutions and upheld by politicians the roots of their origins were uncovered. The position of leaders like Trump and their surprising election to power is in the mix essential to produce results set out in prophecy more than 2,000 years ago.

Where Did Civility Go?

September 8th, 2017

I’m so desperately tired of the attacks on our president. It was a choice we all had a hand in. A choice legitimately made, whether you like it or not.

Many folks like me held our tongues more often than not for the last 8 years as we watched the principles and values we believe in get stomped on, vilified and desecrated over and over again.

You people forgot the concept of being decent to one another; even when you disagree strenuously.

I have many friends who I disagree with on a great many things, but I still value their friendship because it is the people whom I value; not whether they agree with me or not. Family, friends and brothers & sisters in arms are whom I value; not what side of the political isle you stand on (or shout at).

Now I heard a lot of world-ending fear from all sides when Trump got elected and guess what he hasn’t done? He didn’t run the alternative lifestyle folks out of town, the seas didn’t rise, the woodland creatures didn’t all of a sudden die off, and he didn’t even start a war with North Korea by hitting the big red button while trying to tweet…

He made careful choices, followed through on his promises and has remained reasonably steady throughout for someone whose never held a single office.

Yeah he’s probably the loudest, most socially reactive President we’ve had in decades, but the wheels didn’t magically come off the country, and no matter how far we swing (or are pushed by special interests) as a country to one side or another, there’s always a correction. Push headlong in an attempt at forcing an agenda down people’s throats; and an equally strong reaction brings us all full circle in the opposite direction.

If one ponders that a little, some of the choices made over the past 8 years might seem a little short-sighted, since that agenda was pushed as hard and as fast as it could possibly be with as much vitriol as could be humanly mustered…

Perhaps a slower, more gradual approach with a tad more open-mindedness towards those with different viewpoints would have been a more productive path, since much of the gains won by hook or crook are being systematically removed now.

People claim that conservatives are mean; ugly people. Deplorable even… but on the whole we as a group have behaved with far more respect and dignity than those opposing us.

We didn’t pay people to riot; we didn’t scream baby killer from the rooftops nor hold up bloody effigies of Obama’s head in protest and we definitely didn’t force universities to create safe spaces for us to cry about it or force those who disagree with us to be banned from institutions of learning where freedom of expression is supposed to be a dearly held value…

Did the conservative start shooting people? BLM is doing that now. Police officers of every color & creed are being executed in the streets for nothing! There’s no ideals that justify that. People who advocate that kind of behavior are simply human garbage.

What did the conservatives do in retaliation for Obama? They created a club, called meetings and sung patriotic songs.

Wait; they didn’t riot and throw public tantrums? Nope; they went back to the Constitution and began to talk about change and holding politicians to their word and stopped voting for those who would not.

We obeyed the laws, we took the hit with dignity and worked on making our voices heard better than the last time.

We lectured our representatives and got to work changing things; changing who we chose to represent us, changed the message and the approach, and when the time came to try again; we did. Real threatening, radical stuff like that.

Did they hold Wall Street hostage and demand free stuff and a free ride?

Nope; they asked people to be held accountable for their actions and worked to restore integrity into the process.

So many people act as if they’ve lost their friggin minds over Trump being elected President…

News-flash folks: There are consequences for shoving a radical agenda down everyone’s throats and then push them so hard they believe that they have nothing to lose. Folks tend to wake up after they’ve been beaten about the head for too long and they fight back. Sound familiar? It’s not like we don’t have history to learn from or anything…

The left shoved too hard and too fast and woke up the sleepy masses and they shoved back and now you have Trump as President.

Don’t blame us for your collective greed & lack of foresight; you brought this joker to the dance, now live with it and move on like we had to for Obama, Clinton and (shudder) Carter.

Let’s be clear if you haven’t gotten the hint already: I’m a conservative, and what that means is this:

I don’t care what color you are, hell I was proud to have brothers of all colors standing by my side for 10 years of service: Especially on my wedding day.

I don’t care who you pray to, I was proud to serve in the military with Mormons and Muslims, Jews and worshipers of Mother Earth and folks of all kinds.

I don’t even care who you sleep with… My own dear mother has been a champion of the San Diego gay community and selflessly served them for over 30 years.

I will disagree strenuously with you, or even (If I care for you) have strong feelings about your personal choices; but one thing I will never do:

I will never treat any of you like anything less than what you are: A human being; and for some of you; friends and family.

Just stop and think, people:

Just stop being jackasses to each other.

Treat honestly with one another.

Revere and honor those who sacrificed for you.

Respect and honor those who keep the peace.

Leave people alone to live within the law by their own convictions and principles.

Be tolerant of the opinions of others. (That means to tolerate peaceably, it does not mean bow-down to and allow yourself to be coerced by)

Be considerate of each other and allow people to disagree with you without vilifying them and persecuting them for it.

Stop trying to desecrate & denigrate each other’s culture and religion.

I ain’t anything close to resembling anyone who’s within a few hundred miles of being perfect; so you’ll have to excuse me if I suffer in some of these areas myself, but these are the ideals; the goals; things we should keep in mind when we deal with each other.

God Bless you all,

Just my view from the cheep seats…

(I think I broke my dang soap box too!)